Home window tinting can turn your house into a safer, more comfortable place to live

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Glass and glazing create hugely positive effects on the look and feel of a workplace. However, there are a number of common problems that relate to glazing. Mr Tint supplies and installs many types of window film to combat the problems that glass can create.

Solar Control

Solar control window film allows natural light in without glare. Leaving blind and shades open reduces the need for lamps and overhead lighting – reducing costs – while helping occupants maintain a much desired connection with the outdoors. By reducing heat and solar energy, windows tinted can help even out the hot and cold spots throughout your building. Cutting Heat and Glare for a Better Work Environment.


One-way privacy films are products that create privacy by blocking vision from one side of a window while maintaining visibility from the other side. As much as employers don't like to admit it, staff and visitors do need to be monitored from time to time. One way privacy film allows you to see out without others seeing in.

Security and Safety

'Smash 'n' grab' robberies are a major concern for businesses with glass shop fronts and display cases. In the event of a breakage caused by an attempted robbery, security and safety film will hold the glass together, keeping the broken glass in the frame. This prevents opportunistic robbers from entering the property and stealing valuable stock. Made with thick, heavy-duty polyester bonded by strong adhesives, clear and powerful. Safety and security window film can play a key part in your plan, acting as a first line of defense.

Decorative Window Films

With more than 50 patterns and shades available, from frosts to opaque to gradients, there’s a style to fit every taste and project. Patterned films can be easily applied vertically, horizontally or diagonally to create stunning effects on existing glass, and are ideal for offices, lobbies, showers, cabinets, and window displays. Don’t let costs keep you from incorporating the design elements you’ve been dreaming about.

Save Energy

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that one-third of a building’s cooling load is from solar heat gain through windows, and nearly 75% of existing windows are not energy efficient. Commercial window films help reduce energy bills by rejecting up to 77% of the suns total solar energy. In summer, the film reduces the strain on HVAC chillers by blocking the sun’s heat. During the winter, films help insulate the glass. The result is reduced operating expenses. Less money is going to your energy providers and more goes to your bottom line.

UV Protection

The sun’s UV rays can damage skin and building assets if they’re not controlled. Solar control window film is one of the easiest ways to mitigate UV damage. It can block more than 99% of harmful UV Rays while offering unobstructed views, allowing natural daylight inside.