A higher standard of window tinting can make every ride more enjoyable

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At Mr Tint, you can add another – a more confident ride that comes from knowing you and your family are protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays, heat and glare

Block Dangerous UV Rays

Block UV rays to help reduce your risk of skin cancer

Did you know drivers have a higher rate of skin cancer due to exposure while driving? Why put up with this risk when you don’t have to any longer? Mr Tint window tint blocks more than 99% of harmful UV rays

Reduce Heat and Distracting Glare

Make your next road trip more comfortable

As you know, sun’s rays can cause car interiors to become unbearably hot. But you can keep your cool. Mr Tint can give heat rejection rates over 60%.It also helps reduce blinding glare and painful eye strain. You will find your vehicle to be cooler and more comfortable

Enhance Style and Appearance

Customize your ride with window tint so it’s as cool as you

One of the most cost effective ways to enhance a cars appearance is window tinting. With Mr Tint window tints, you not only get the look you want but the privacy you seek from the outside world